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The Fight Psych programme provides a range of bespoke workshops designed to help combat sport athletes develop the mind-body connection required to dominate the competition


Workshop Topics include:

The Fighter’s Philosophy


In this workshop, we help athletes uncover their values, strengths, and ambitions, in order to help them create a clear and detailed road map for success.


Overcoming Fear


In this workshop, we address some of the myths about fear and provide athletes with scientifically supported strategies that will enable them to transfer fear into one of their greatest assets.


The Mindful Fighter


In this workshop, we draw upon the latest research in neurological science to provide athletes with mindfulness-based techniques which have been proven to help improve focus, reduce anxiety, and boost confidence and energy.


Perfecting the Pre-Fight Routine


In this workshop, we draw upon the teachings of the world’s greatest combat fights to help athletes create their own personalised prefight routine.




In this workshop, we highlight the link between emotions and performance and help athletes uncover practical strategies that will enable them to achieve their own IZOF (Individual zone of optimal functioning).


If you or your team are looking for something different, we of course are more than happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your bespoke needs.

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